I am 23-years-old, newly married, and a cat and plant mom. My work life is listed this way in no particular order: small business owner, municipal government worker, and accounting student. I began my small business journey in 2017 when I opened an online shop selling handmade goods called Inspired Flower. Since then, I have successfully made almost 3000 sales, sold to every state in the US and many countries worldwide. In the summer of 2020, I started working at a small municipal government. I can now add working with accounts payable, payroll, budget adjustments, billing, and more to my resume. I enjoy learning more about governmental accounting each workday. I am an enthusiastic accounting student who is excited to finish a bachelor's degree in the summer of 2021. Although, I will never stop being a student. I have an array of knowledge in different elements of finance, business, marketing, and accounting but am always growing. The purpose of this blog is to give my perspective on the continuously changing world, express inside tips and tricks to accounting and marketing, and provide relatable content to my readers. This is a space where we can be encouraged to ask questions, share our business knowledge, and learn from each other. Feel free to stick around and stay updated on new blog topics each week!